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~Essence of Becoming~

Like the miracle inside .. a seed..
I wonder who and when I was birth..
In by chance of a moment..
I become..
I am but a kernel from a core in time..
A drift in the wind.. I ride..
A Soul nurtured in-rooted ground..
With the sun’s kiss I am adored..
The mystery in be.. a simple flower am I..
The meaning of when..
The wonder of why..
Sowed and here I am..
A beauty in nature..
And so it is.. in the now..
I blossom..
That I be..
From seed to flower I become~

by Margie D. Casados

KODAK Digital Still Camera

~Sifting Through Thoughts~

And I wonder~
What is possible.. in’ this’.. enrichment of life..
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

As the tall stalks are affected by the winds, they sift..
Like thoughts..

As on whim.. the air moves the weeds,.. they dance..
And I, one with it, and lost in thought’..

~Of the amazement of just being here..~

Experiencing this brief moment..
Like with the soft breeze’..we come and go~

And still, when the stillness begins..
We simply..existed.. in living thoughts..


by Margie D Casados

~Dear Iris~

~*With softness flow on velvet skin..
~*and violets and purples too tranquil, to eyes..
~*and the sensation emerges of an eternal bliss..

~*as to vision of a moment like this..~
~*is to the..kiss of sensual, and the sensitivity of senses..
~*you are thee.. Beauty’~..
~ Iris of Heart~..
~*and the lace of love lingers..endeared..
~*is to the..floral Spirit you truly are’~~~

iris big

by Margie D Casados

The Engiftment of Light

Engiftment Of Light

~The Engiftment of Light~

the gift of wisdom, to see the light..
to feel the light.. to be the light..

the light of life..
the spectrum of light..
your brilliance of light..

the dawn of light..
the power of light..
the empowerment of light..
the beam of light..
the aliveness of light..

the light of ideas, and thoughts, and love..
the light of who you are..

the beginning of light..
the creation of light..
the Source of Light..
the Love of light..

The light inside.. ~~~
~the Engiftment of Light..~

By Margie D. Casados