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~Essence of Becoming~

Like the miracle inside .. a seed..
I wonder who and when I was birth..
In by chance of a moment..
I become..
I am but a kernel from a core in time..
A drift in the wind.. I ride..
A Soul nurtured in-rooted ground..
With the sun’s kiss I am adored..
The mystery in be.. a simple flower am I..
The meaning of when..
The wonder of why..
Sowed and here I am..
A beauty in nature..
And so it is.. in the now..
I blossom..
That I be..
From seed to flower I become~

by Margie D. Casados

KODAK Digital Still Camera

~In Brilliance of Moments~

To be’..

~Between the thoughts..

~in the moment.. pause..
~and one with it’
~connected to all that is

more than simple flesh..

within’ is..
~Heart and Soul~

within’ is..

Moment becomes..
In grace with ..
Intuitive essence..

Awareness in being..
Aware of being..

by Margie D Casados